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17 10, 2016

Effective Management In A Social Media World

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It used to be simple. As a manager, your management style, activities, and occasional corrective actions were largely contained within your company. Today, social media provides a mechanism for both direct and stealth broad-based communication from your employees about your management practices. The guaranteed privacy of the closed-door interaction is gone, and your management practices are subject to public rebuke, not only from your subordinates, but also from staff across the company, your upward management, and potential employees. […]

18 09, 2016

“Ease of Doing Business” The New Competitive Differentiator

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Introduction Underlying marketing of the Cloud, global digital commerce, one to one marketing, etc… is the essential element of “ease of doing business”. Many are no longer willing to take an hour from their day, to go buy their dog’s food for the month, with the alternative to purchase on-line, in a couple minutes (for a similar cost), readily available.  When an organization finds itself, challenged to stand competitively differentiated from others in this regard, potential mitigating factors include: cost, experiential interaction, and rarity. […]

8 09, 2016

Ageism an Evolving Metaphor

By | September 8th, 2016|Blue Steps (AESC) American Executive Search Consultants|0 Comments

“Ageism”, being an “ism”, means that it is a matter of subjective thought. The implication: Ageism is a matter of perception, which as an employee or job candidate, you have some level of control. Historically, those most concerned were largely those in their 50s. Now we have the millennials; who are known to place quality of life ahead of work achievement. Ageism is now a metaphor, which is multi-dimensional and evolving. With better healthcare, many in their 50s are performing at the same level as those in the past did when they were in their 40s. While ageism is known to affect organizational hiring practices, you as an employee or job candidate have more control as to how you’re perceived now than ever before. Thus, this publication deals with matters which are under your control to mitigate the risk of ageism’s impact on your performance ratings or job candidacy. […]

4 09, 2016

Digital Commerce Lost Opportunity To Innovate, A Digital Commerce, Self-Reflection

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Introduction Re [...]

13 08, 2016

The Goldman Sacs Effect On The Future Of Banking Is All About Millennial Digital Experience

By | August 13th, 2016|CIO Review Publications, My General Publications|0 Comments

The Goldman Sach’s One Dollar Virtual Bank Recently, posted on TechCrunch, was the announcement that Goldman Sachs launched “GS Bank, a Virtual bank with a $1 minimum deposit.” * As this announcement, was not largely picked up by the mainstream media, it was largely shared via social media. It has yet to be recognized as to its future impact, and associated competitive threat which will emerge, in the banking industry. […]

13 08, 2016

The Red Hat Paradox

By | August 13th, 2016|CIO Review Publications, My General Publications|0 Comments

History When one thinks of Red Hat, Linux emerges as the top of mind software application. The Red Hat Linux software solution paradigm represented, to many, a “crazy” business model in its early days. Prior to the emergence, the likes of Microsoft, IBM, HP, etc. had defined the software development, sales and support model narrative in a clear objectified manner. Organizations paid a monetized licencing fee, and monetized annual support. Modifications to core software were often reliant upon the vendor, based upon established pricing models. Also, core product upgrades were solely the responsibility of the provider. […]

28 07, 2016

“Danger Ahead”, C Level, Digital Commerce, Job Role Ambiguity”

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Achieving The Optimal Competitively Differentiated Entry Strategy Today, by searching the Internet, the likes of Gartner, still reflect IT project failure rates, in excess of 40%. This statistic becomes the referential “back drop”, from which organizations now seek to enable, organizational specific, competitive digital commerce. The time from “innovation” to “realization” in this emergent, highly competitive digital world, is likely to be the single most important basis for organizations to remain competitively relevant. Accepting the past, as a predictor of the future, can no longer be tolerated. The time to realization, is tied to organizations redesigning and reconfiguring their internal staffing models, as well as streamlining solution delivery processes. More direct senior management oversite is also required to facilitate rapid innovative solution delivery into the public domain. […]

19 07, 2016

LinkedIn Networking Strategies for Career Advancement

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After six years with a Vietnam government commercial enterprise, returning to the US reflected a lack of professional collegial individuals to interact with. In essence, I had no professional network. As a basis to re-establish a network, many advised that I needed to attend conferences and summits, where I could meet and connect with certain individuals in-person for mutual benefit. While this approach to networking has proven time and time again to be successful, it required time and a great deal of patience, which I simply did not attribute to myself. […]

15 07, 2016

The Pokey Mon GO Phenomenon Explained, And Impact Against Current Digital Commerce Explored

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As an individual who consistently seeks to publish thought leadership content at the “bleeding edge” of the digital innovation curve, never before have I seen an “envisioned” consumer paradigm shift become objectified as “lived reality” in a matter of a month, post publication. At the beginning of June, I published a declarative, predicting the “Death Of Transactional Commerce! And Birth of Experiential Commerce!” was emergent Publication Link. Subsequently, in the matter of  a month, the emerge of the “Pokey Mon Go” phenomenon,  has generated a yet un-imagined behavioral shift. […]

24 06, 2016

The Art of Corporate Management

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Henry Mintzberg took on Harvard Business School’s teaching methodologies, in his widely acclaimed book Managers Not MBAs, by arguing that “conventional MBA classrooms overemphasize the science of management while ignoring its art.” In acknowledgement, management in this post is considered an ever evolving set of practices shaped by the cultural environment one finds him or herself in, where the “art of management” is to be practiced. […]