Alan Royal

As a Chief Information Officer, and often in parallel, a Chief Operations Officer, I have led large and complex IT functions… to deliver complex global projects across borders for companies like New York Life, AIG, and Manulife where millions customers and financial contracts are involved with their projects.

I have taken on the modernization of comprehensive financial service companies. A five year project for Bao Viet (Vietnams state owned financial services conglomerate) included parallel projects for all of their primary subsidiaries which included: life insurance, general insurance, fund management, retail securities, and home office business operations consolidations projects running in parallel.

This project covered 64 independent operating provinces, with millions of customers and millions of subsidiary financial contracts.

I am a thought innovator in competitive digital commerce for consumer facing industries. My recent publications, reflect the exploration of digital innovation, along with the implications, for organizations to streamline their delivery process, and remain completely relevant.

I have contributed to the improvement of knowledge in my field. I published in National Underwriter a system/business architecture which formed the framework for Point Of Sale Systems now widely used in the insurance industry today.

I am currently collaborating with McQuarie University, Australia, to create an innovative set of management practices enabling better assimilation and performance of executives in trans-national companies sent to emerging markets.

I have a track record of being able to take on projects which are unique, with no methodology or history to rely on, and consistently generate a positive outcome.

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