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30 11, 2015

Banking Business Irrelevance In The Digital Age?

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26 11, 2015

The Journey Through Digital Distribution Transformation (Re-Posted Tech Error)

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17 03, 2015

Reaching Your Key Business Objectives with Big Data

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Since the 1990’s companies have been seeking to bring together internal and external data sources in order to gain a unique competitive insight other competitors did not have. The main problem was finding these customer insights due to a lack of available external data sources to match against internal data sources. In the subsequent 20 years, external data sources have exploded based upon companies selling internet-based data, of which social media is one of the key examples. This explosion of data which can be used by companies to create competitive advantage when analysed by data scientists is known as big data. […]

3 03, 2015

What’s Inside The Cloud?

By | March 3rd, 2015|LinkedIn Pulse Publications|0 Comments

Introduction The Cloud actually had a very humble tactical beginning. Its birth was based upon the realization that companies rarely used all of their data storage to maximum value. Thus the initial birth of The Cloud involved sending data to “The Cloud” where a new generation of software and hardware, “virtualized it”, meaning the file integrity was maintained but parts of it could be stored in multiple physical data storage locations. Thus the initial intent was to realize more value from a company’s data storage assets. Users simply stored their data to the “Cloud Drive” and accessed from the same location. Irrelevant to the user was the fact that the file they just saved had been virtualized into 5 different locations on multiple hard disk arrays. All they cared about was getting their data back identically as they had stored it. […]

19 01, 2015

Expat Career Management: The Explorer Adventurer Mindset

By | January 19th, 2015|LinkedIn Pulse Publications|0 Comments

Being an expat has taught me to develop an explorer adventurer mindset, but you don’t have to be an expat to develop such a mindset, and use it to your advantage. An explorer adventurer mindset enables you to encounter strangeness, and embrace it. Your subordinate’s behavior can be reacted to at face value, or you can take the time to use this mindset to understand the root cause of their behavior, which may be cultural. […]

30 12, 2014

Responding To The Growing Global Consumer Market Threat

By | December 30th, 2014|LinkedIn Pulse Publications|0 Comments

Introduction With the constant improvements in hand held hardware technology, as well as the associated continuous stream of related new consumer commerce applications which run on this technology, it has fueled an emergent “real time” customer interaction paradigm, which consumer oriented companies need to address. […]

8 12, 2014

C Level Response To The Rapid Growth Of Real Time Customer Interaction

By | December 8th, 2014|LinkedIn Pulse Publications|0 Comments

Introduction With the emergence of social media, it has fueled an emergent “real time” customer interaction paradigm among consumer oriented companies. Every year we are moving toward more automated data “value” exchange points which I define as “Points Of Interaction”, with this discussion focusing on the C Level business response. These Interaction points can be up to 100% automated, and materially change the legacy business environment competitive landscape. C level executives need to monitor and manage their Points Of Interaction, with the same rigor they manage any new distribution channel. […]

6 12, 2014

Danger! Avoiding the expat never go home syndrome

By | December 6th, 2014|LinkedIn Pulse Publications|0 Comments

Broaden your horizons, yes. But beware losing your relevance at home. Alan Royal signs off his series on new management competencies for emerging markets with a warning. The expat never go home syndrome is characterised by a developed country mid-level executive, working for a global company, being asked to broaden their experience by taking advantage of an opportunity in an emerging market, for just a couple of years. A decade later, this exec is still expat, with no relevance to acquire positions back home. […]

19 11, 2014

From Pay Phone To Gigabit Hot Spot

By | November 19th, 2014|LinkedIn Pulse Publications|0 Comments

Online Access To Increase Materially This week the city of New York announced it is replacing aging coin pay phone stations with gigabit per second free internet hot spots. Thus if you prefer not to “wear” your web interface as a watch (or similar device), you can instead choose just to stop at one of the hot spots. […]

4 09, 2014

Why Expats Get Trapped Away from Home

By | September 4th, 2014|LinkedIn Pulse Publications|0 Comments

You’re a mid-level executive, working for a global company, asked to broaden your experience by working in an emerging market for a “couple of years”. A decade later, you are still working away from home, lacking the experience to acquire positions back home. You just fell victim to the Exiled Expat Syndrome. Most developed country HR functions excel at deploying and managing expatriates on an international assignment, but many are poorly skilled at repatriating the executive into a meaningful role. […]