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Alan Royal as led large and complex IT and operations functions – as Chief Information Officer and, often in parallel, Chief Operations Officer – to deliver complex global projects across borders for Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies.

He is currently collaborating with McQuarie University, Australia, to create an innovative set of management practices enabling better assimilation and performance of executives in trans-national companies sent to emerging markets.

IT Sales and Marketing Systems

Using Customer Analytics and Point-of-Sale Systems, I have maximized revenue and limited customer attrition through data analytics that identified and sold to customer needs and implemented brand differentiation to key distribution channels.

Point Of Sale System

  • Provide capabilities/features to streamline the sales process while identifying and adding capabilities and functions to inscrease revenue generation.
  • Leverage social media marketing and outreach in current distribution or channels enhancement.
  • Identify single/multiple software packages to provide custom solutions.

Customer Insight

  • Select and implement a data analytics software package/solution module to develop predictive sales and retention models.
  • Identify social media sources relevant to customer data and activities
  • Direct a cross business project team to review and identify internal data sources of customer activity
  • Create a management dashboard so that key stakeholders have easy access to the data analysis

Compliance Management

I have managed compliance with regulations in a way that mitigated material risks from unrecognized and unforeseen complexities in IT systems. Specific processes:

  • A monthly capture all potential compliance items being tracked, with review of journals for early insight into the future compliance regulation will be focus.
  • Bring reporting visibility to any regulation in the process of being proposed which impact systems along with the level of materiality to our business.
  • Direct IT in collaboration with the business to perform an impact assessment with the watch list and an immediate flag to senior management.

I am always strive to ensure compliance regulations are followed without major business reputation and cost exposure.

Operations Improvement

I have sussfully implemented business operations tracking systems that ensured a current, automated tool-set to manage operations and enhance business improvement opportunities with the following steps.

  • Prioritize each business function to determine, if monitored and tracked, which would create the greatest value for the business operation.
  • Creation of “Operational Scorecards” for each operations area of the business, with an IT team to determining ways of providing high value data through custom developed “calculation” engines.
  • Critical operational data to improve operational performance is resident on the core legacy systems, only requiring the necessary data extracts and associated analytic programs need to be created.

At the end of the day, the more operations data which can be provided to an operations executive, the greater number of tools you provide them to run their business in an improved manner.

IT Strategy Planning

I have been involved across the breadth of IT and business strategy from delivering technical software and infrastructure to partering with business units to forward the organization’s success. Maximizing the effectiveness of this process has included:

  • Establishing cooperatively key corporate business objectives and develop proposed individual/shared solutions in direct collaboration with the business units.
  • Setting up, jointly agreed, success measurements, tied to each business units objectives.
  • Establishing budgets for all IT projects for funding approval including business case justifications jointly owned with the business unit.
  • Ensuring collaboration with business unit stakeholders on project teams, and IT teams.
  • Align business unit plans and IT architecture to minimize cost while providing optimized functionality, minimizing system duplication, and maximizing existing IT investment.
  • Generate an enterprise IT Plan with success criteria measurements to provide the rationale for senior executive approval based upon cost vs value business proposition.

Profit generate across the company is tied to business participation and shared ownership of the company’s enterprise solutions.

Contracts Administration System

I have developed and executed contracts/licensing/warranty/policy administration systems in support of multiple business subsidiaries, across widely dispersed business and regulatory environments of the emerging markets to millions of customers and end-users.

Steps critical for project success:

  • Formation of a technical and business team with representation from all business units to agree and buy-into project scope moving forward with a shared vision.
  • Mitigate the risk with legacy systems that core functionality will be missed while conducting software package vendor review of functionality, architecture and interface into complex projects and corporate cultures.
  • Phase the project to maximize speed to value for the business enabling greater buy-in from all business units, with better motivation and energy of the project team.

Emerging Market Entry & Modernization

With global companies, I have created well-defined IT entry initiatives as a complementary process to support acquisitions into emerging markets including joint sovereign ownership. This included:

  • Pre-acquisition due diligence of existing system evaluation, assurance of minimum company standards for application security, disaster recovery, etc.
  • Making an acquisition recommendation report of immediate required investment, in order to bring the acquired company up to minimum company standards
  • Proposal of implementation of existing corporate system investments to generate immediate post acquisition strategic market advantage.

I have a track-record of successful post-acquistion IT integrations with expedient, needed short term investment requirements, and solutions to rapidly gain market differentiation.

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