I have been involved across the breadth of IT and business strategy from delivering technical software and infrastructure to partering with business units to forward the organization’s success. Maximizing the effectiveness of this process has included:

  • Establishing cooperatively key corporate business objectives and develop proposed individual/shared solutions in direct collaboration with the business units.
  • Setting up, jointly agreed, success measurements, tied to each business units objectives.
  • Establishing budgets for all IT projects for funding approval including business case justifications jointly owned with the business unit.
  • Ensuring collaboration with business unit stakeholders on project teams, and IT teams.
  • Align business unit plans and IT architecture to minimize cost while providing optimized functionality, minimizing system duplication, and maximizing existing IT investment.
  • Generate an enterprise IT Plan with success criteria measurements to provide the rationale for senior executive approval based upon cost vs value business proposition.

Profit generate across the company is tied to business participation and shared ownership of the company’s enterprise solutions.

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